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To embed project management as a core competency increases the efficiency, makes projects more predictable in cost, time and specification.

We can provide you with expert support to plan how you move to having project management as a core competency. We can identify which suits your organisation from the following:

  • Define the Project Management Maturity Model for your organisation, identifying the competency levels required for what projects and over time
  • Plan the project management methodology and processes required for your organisation from the PMI PMBOK standard, to match your organisation need
  • Define the organisation to manage and sustain the project management maturity model whether it be on a portfolio basis, project management office, centre of excellence
  • Define the training courses that are needed either from public courses or customised in house ones
  • Define what is needed to strengthen the learning by the individuals and the organisation to ensure the quality of the outcomes of the projects is predictable and where projects need to be dependent, link and need system outcomes
  • Define what is needed to prove the learning is being effective
  • Plan the selection of the software tools that are to be standard across your company to ensure there is consistent management control and reporting for all projects

The deliverable will be a project plan for embedding project management as a core competence, which will identify the return on investment and value to your organisation.