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>STRATEGY “is a cohesive response to an important challenge. Unlike a stand-alone decision or a goal, a strategy is a coherent set of analyses, concepts, policies, arguments and actions that respond to a a high-stakes challenge.” Richard Rumelt author of Good Strategy Bad Strategy.

Robert Twiddy originates from Palladium’s company Renaissance Solutions in 1996 with its partners being contributors to the original Balanced Scorecard studies and practice as well as Knowledge Management.  Robert uniquely:

•has a network of experienced consultants in strategy consulting and have worked in most industry areas completing over 200 balanced scorecards

•a set of unique proprietary  tools that support you

•a network of experts that focus on each of the attributes of strategy execution

•uses state of the art technology to support teams

•transfers knowledge so that your business may become self sustaining

•aligns the organisation to harmonise the speed of strategy implementation

As visitoring associate professor at Thammasat Business School, Robert lectures on Balance Scorecard Case Studies as well as carrying out research into how Thai companies translate strategy into action with an emphasis on ASEAN Economic Community.

Coaching some of Thai’s SET50 companies please call to gain help from this worldwide expert.