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Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills for Projects

Deal making, procurement, conflict management are all part of Negotiation

Course Description

In today’s cross-cultural marketplace, negotiations and influence play a critical role in managing interdependent relationships, securing successful business deals and ensuring informed decision-making. Understanding the strategy and psychology of effective negotiations is an invaluable asset when shaping deals and building successful relationships.

The Negotiations & Influence is designed to help participants gain a firm appreciation of different negotiation and deal-making strategies and techniques. Participants will be immersed in a variety of lectures, simulations and discussions to help them understand the processes of negotiation and influencing, and the cultural and behavioral dynamics that different parties bring to the table. Essential topics such as strategies to work with difficult people and tackle tough conversations will be covered.

At the end of the programme, participants will be better equipped to plan and to prepare for successful negotiation with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Who is the course aimed at

Those who need to negotiate including sales, customers, procurers
Those who need to diffuse conflict
Contract negotiators
Deal negotiators

Who Should Attend

Anybody who is involved in Negotiations


You will be able to negotiate the outcome you desire
You will be able to manage conflict using negotiation techniques
The course has simulations so you will be able to practice what you learn

What you will learn

Communication science and rapport
Behavioral science of affiliation, assertiveness and influence
Process of negotiation
Conflict science and management
The art of saying yes
The art of saying no