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Professional Training Program on Creativity and Innovation

This course is designed to develop in students practical skills for creative and innovative thinking that entrepreneurial leaders can use to identify opportunities generate value-creating ideas and overcome barriers to successfully bringing new concepts to life.

Through this course, we will examine the role of creativity and innovation in human resources, and human capital management. We will discuss the importance of creativity and innovation for teams, groups, and organizations. You will also learn to examine the connection of creativity and innovation to problem solving, diversity, and organizational growth.

We will seek to build on these principles by developing specific skills in creative and innovative thinking techniques. We will also focus on the team skills required by entrepreneurs and innovators to develop opportunities and solve problems. In summary, this course aims to equip participants with a set of practical tools to enable them to take a leadership role in applied creativity and innovation.

Summary of Contents

Below is the summary of contents for the training program Creativity and Innovation

  1. An overview of applied Creativity and Innovation
  2. Importance of Creativity and Innovation
  3. Focusing and Imagineering
  4. Tools for Creative Ideation
  5. Creativity and Innovation with teams, groups, organizations
  6. Creativity and Innovation as an individual
  7. Importance of Diversity in Team Creativity
  8. Designing and Implementing Innovative Outcomes

For Customized courses, the clients have the option of recommending specializations on the above topics.

Course Outline

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