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Professional Training Program on Lean Operations & Efficiency Enhancement

This course examines the principles of Lean Operations and Efficiency Enhancement that reach out into almost every business sector, providing exceptional improvements wherever applied. During tough times we need to apply lean principles and practices to processes, systems, products and services to reduce waste and maximize value.

The Lean principles are relatively the same for all business sectors. The application and tools applied however should be tailored to the uniqueness of each business type, strategy, culture, products, services and customer base.

Participants will have the opportunity to obtain the optimum understanding of the different elements that make up Lean Operations and Efficiency Enhancement. This will enable their businesses to become more cost effective, economical and much more profit orientated in today’s competitive marketplace.

Summary of Contents

Below is the summary of contents for the training program Lean Operations and Efficiency Enhancement

  1. Definition of Lean
  2. Lean Manufacturing
  3. Elements of Lean Manufacturing
  4. Difference of Lean Manufacturing from Traditional Manufacturing
  5. Lean Methods
  6. Overall Lean Frameworks
  7. Process Improvement Methods
  8. Standard Work & Visual Controls
  9. Cellular Manufacturing
  10. Just in Time (JIT) / Kanban
  11. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  12. Six Sigma
  13. Advanced Lean Enterprise Methods
  14. Types of Wastes Targeted by Lean Methods

For Customized courses, the clients have the option of recommending specializations on the above topics.

Course Outline

Download Course Outline