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Professional Training Program on Market Research

This course focuses on skills and tools needed to understand and evaluate marketing research. Marketing research involves developing research questions, collecting data, analyzing it and drawing inference, with a view to making better marketing decisions.

Marketing research is vital in the assessment of new business opportunities, go/no-go decisions for new products, pricing and product design issues, among other business issues. This course is very helpful as you embark on entrepreneurial ventures, management consulting, venture capital, as well as more traditional marketing and management roles.

Techniques of data collection, evaluation of alternative sources of information, and methods of evaluating data and presenting the results are covered. The course should help you recognize the role of systematic information gathering and analysis in making marketing decisions.

Summary of Contents

Below is the summary of contents for the training program Market Research:

  1. Introduction to Market Research
  2. Overview of Research Process and Research Design
  3. Tools for Survey and Observation Research
  4. Attitude Measurements and Scales
  5. Questionnaire Design and Issues
  6. Secondary Data Exploration
  7. Sampling
  8. Basic Data Analysis
  9. Presenting the Results

For Customized courses, the clients have the option of recommending specializations on the above topics.

Course Outline

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