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Professional Training Program on Raising Capital through Venture Capitalists

Raising capital one of the major business challenges faced by entrepreneurs especially when it comes to starting a business from scratch. It’s much easier to raise capital as an established entrepreneur than to raise capital as a startup entrepreneur. Growth devours cash, and in times of high growth, entrepreneurs will often need to bring on external investors to help fund the business. And of all the avenues available to raise capital, Venture Capitalist funding is one of the toughest.

Throughout this course, we will discuss the essential skill sets and examine the capital raising process of Venture Capitalists. You will learn how to outline your strategic objectives and create value as you prepare your business plan to raise capital. We will also delve into the mindset of Venture Capitalists and how they assess the technical and financial feasibility of your business plan in detail.

Summary of Contents

Below is the summary of contents for the training program Raising Capital through Venture Capitalists

  1. Understanding Venture Capital
  2. The Importance of Venture Capitalists
  3. Investment Focus of Venture Capitalists
  4. Length of Investment
  5. Types of Venture Capital Firms
  6. Capital Raising Process
  7. Commitments and Fund Raising
  8. Understanding Business Valuations
  9. Strategic Objectives and Value Creation
  10. Creating your Business Plan to Raise Capital
  11. Presenting your Business Plan to Venture Capitalists
  12. Making the Investment – Due Diligence

For Customized courses, the clients have the option of recommending specializations on the above topics.

Course Outline

Download Course Outline