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Team Management

“No man will ever make a great leader who wants to do it all by himself or to get all the
credit for doing it.”

(Andrew Carnegie)

‘Managing’ used to be just telling people what to do and getting merchandise out but time marched on — workplace conditions changed, and changed again — and workplace complications paralleled the pace of the changes. Today’s working world requires much more of the average supervisor or manager than simply setting goals, backed up by ultimatums. Managers need to be team leaders; to understand and accommodate their employee’s different working styles and personalities.

In a team oriented atmosphere, individuals contribute to the overall success of an organization while working with other team members to attain the objectives of the team and organization as a whole. Their power being in the fact that a team is not just a collection of individuals, it is so much more — the total being far greater than the sum of its parts. A properly developed and trained team synergistically harnesses its individual members’ talents, experience and energies.

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