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LDP157 – Soft Skills in Projects 2 day Training

soft skills for projects 2 days training


Increase your project success by 25% by mastering and increasing your EQ.

PSI Solutions with NLP Top Coach focus on those much needed soft skills you need in project management to manage the communication and interactions with the people involved with the project. We look at the characteristics project managers and teams need, how they need to behave and what skills in conflict management, negotiation, influencing, listening, problem solving, responsive presentation, managing effective meetings to manage all the people involved with the project

Bringing all the techniques from PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence to frame what different people involved or impacted by a project require. The seminar will provide project simulations based on experiential learning of each of the fundamentals to learn and embed what is required to obtain the people skills needed for projects.

Projects, because of their nature, will always cause emotion from different team members, and it is usual that stakeholders and sponsors will always want more!


Training Agenda & Style

  • Introduction and building teams for the course including a project simulation
  • Eight modules introduced in the style of PMBOK with Context, Frame: Process flow, Input, Tools and Techniques, Outputs
  • 5 Project simulations so you can experience and practice each element during the course

Key Benefits

  • How to understand how people tick to gain empathy and manage people interactions
  • How to gain the right response from stakeholders, sponsors, project team members
  • Methods tools and techniques to influence, listen, increase confidence, and be more approachable to others
  • Provide and illicit the right behaviours from others
  • Understand how to self develop to be more self confident, self controlled and provide leadership

What you will learn

  • How to manage conflicts
  • How to positively influence others
  • Listening skills you never realised you had before
  • The key to successful negotiation
  • Techniques in problem solving
  • How to get the right response from your presentation
  • How to manage effective meetings
  • Relationship to project management knowledge and process

Day One

  • What characteristics do Project Managers have Behaviourially, Skill wise and how they work we respect
  • The analysis of how we communicate
  • Modelling others to identify  the key strengths of those we aspire to be
  • Understanding EQ
  • Characteristics, behaviours and skills for projects
  • Right Communications
  • Brains communication breakdown
  • Eliciting the right rapport
  • Right Behaviours
  • Listening, Infuence, Assertion, Affliate, personality types and models
  • Perceptual Positions exercise
  • Team building

Day Two

  • How to manage meetings effectively using DeBono’s Six Hats
  • Negotiation and Presentation Project Simulation
  • Conflict Management Project Simulation
  • How to move to win win
  • Dealing with people’s behaviours and styles
  • Reframing
  • Putting it altogether

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