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MDP268a – Project Human Resource Management

Course description

Effective project managers must possess strong skills in organizational planning; team building, and staff management. Participants are provided with the tools to help them face the challenges of managing matrix teams and the added complexity of managing a virtual team. Participants will also examine motivation,
influence, power, and effectiveness theories from industrial-organizational psychologists and management theorists to help them understand how and why people work, and the effect of power on project teams. This course is compliant with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI’s®) current Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® 4th Edition).

Who should attend

This course is primarily designed for project managers or project team members who need to understand
the importance of human resource management so they can fulfill the needs of the organization as well as
satisfying the needs of people within their organization. Individuals taking this course should have at least
two years of experience working on project teams.

What you will achieve

  • Identifying the amount and types of staff necessary to manage the project, and training necessary
    for the staff to be effective and successful in their jobs
  • How to define roles and responsibilities of the project team
  • Identify the five stages of team development using the Tuckman Model
  • How to establish rules and guidelines for a virtual team
  • How to use collaborative tools to allow teams to add value through reflective thinking

What you will learn

  • Develop Human Resource Plan – Identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, and
    reporting relationships required to build a staff management plan. Identifying what types of people
    are needed to staff the project and creating a responsibility assignment matrix.
  • Acquiring the project Team – How to work with other people to obtain and assign personnel to staff
    the project. Create a staff management plan; Practice conflict resolution strategies using principled
    negotiation concepts; How to recognize when leadership styles should change, How to establish
    rules and guidelines for a virtual team.
  • Developing the Project Team – Apply teambuilding techniques such as the Tuckman model to
    identify the five stages of team development; Value personality preferences among team members
    by being familiarized with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and Wilson Social Styles
    Profiles. Apply reward and recognition systems to promote or reinforce effective working
  • Managing the Project Team – Apply methods to determine which changes to make to the project
    team by tracking team member performance provide meaningful feedback, and how to effectively
    identify sources of conflict on the project, manage and resolve conflict among team members.


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