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PSIF02 – Introduction to Project Portfolio Management

Course Description

Your ability to become a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) practitioner to demonstrate best practices in project management on the job is becoming the standard to compete in today’s fast-paced and highly technical workplace. In this course, you will understand PPM.

Course Objective:

You will familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

Course length: 1 day(s)

Target Student:

Managers interested in enhancing their understanding of Project Portfolio Management or developing Project Portfolio Management skills relating to business requirements.


A good understanding on project management.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • recognize the fundamentals of Project Portfolio Management (PPM).
  • identify the processes involved in portfolio management.
  • manage project portfolios.
  • identify PPM techniques and best practices.
  • identify the factors involved in implementing a PMO in an organization.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Project Portfolio Management

  • Topic 1A: Define Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Topic 1B: Describe Portfolio Management’s Relation within the Organization
  • Topic 1C: Identify the Need for Portfolio Management

Lesson 2: Identifying Portfolio Management Processes

  • Topic 2A: Describe Portfolio Management Processes
  • Topic 2B: Define Portfolio Management Process Groups

Lesson 3: Managing Project Portfolios

  • Topic 3A: Examine the Selection of Projects
  • Topic 3B: Maintain the Portfolio
  • Topic 3C: Execute the Project Portfolio Management Process
  • Topic 3D: Identify Tools for Project Portfolio Management
  • Topic 3E: Implement Project Portfolio Management

Lesson 4: Examining PPM Techniques and Best Practices

  • Topic 4A: Identify PPM Techniques
  • Topic 4B: Outline the Effective Practices for PPM

Lesson 5: Implementing a PMO

  • Topic 5A: Define the Relationship between PPM and PMO
  • Topic 5B: Establish the Need to Implement a PMO


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