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Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) provides oversight for the overall management of projects and programmes within an organisation. The unification of all projects within one overall management will help to improve efficiency, costs and execution of project deliverables. Best in class PMO require:

  • Unified reporting mechanism across all projects
  • Project portfolio management of dependencies, resources, outcomes
  • Common software tools for managing projects
  • Issue and risk reviews inter project
  • Breaking down complexity into manageable modules
  • Speedy staging and control of gateway for inter project phasing
  • Benefits realisation and monitoring
  • Inter project planning and control

With experience of establishing over 25 PMOs in medium and large companies we understand the core competencies and needs of establishing a best in class PMO. We can help you establish and set up a PMO from birth or provide an assessment of where your PMO needs to be against your company strategic needs.