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Strengthen the Learning

When individuals return from a training course or having taken some online training, which improves their knowledge in project management, how do they then obtain help to ensure they strengthen their learning, practically in their day to day work environment. Or if they are working managing a project and need some on the job support how do they strengthen what they learn on the job and put into practice.

Enter our coaching service that can be tailored specifically to an individual or group of individuals. We have experience in mentoring and coaching project managers in over 250 projects and can draw on the learnings and case studies we have participated in. We can provide a coach or mentor for your organisation either by phone, by internet or on the job in your location to put a multi point plan in place to help the project staff. This will ensure trainings, or lessons learnt on projects are embedded in all your project staff over time, to improve the competency and strengthen the learning. This improves the return on investment on any training.