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Project Tracking

TimeControl-Project-Tracking-PreviewMost project management systems include some kind of timesheet system. They are often integrated with functionality to update the project schedule with progress information. TimeControl is designed to link to numerous project systems including Microsoft Project, Project Server, Primavera’s P3, P3e and TeamPlay and, Welcom’s Open Plan and Cobra.

Because TimeControl is able to link to multiple project management systems simultaneously, it may be the ideal timesheet solution when your organization wishes a standard timesheet yet has not selected a single project management solution.

For example, if your organization is using Primavera’s P3 in the construction division, Open Plan in the Engineering department and Microsoft Project in IT, TimeControl would provide an ideal solution. Implementing TimeControl would deliver a single timesheet across the entire organization. It would allow end users to enter their time easily by selecting the projects and tasks they had worked on, even if those projects were each being managed by a different project system. The resulting timesheet data would be automatically routed back to the appropriate project system that required it. In addition, the same timesheet information could be sent to Finance and Human Resources for use in Payroll and time-off tracking systems, providing a single point of entry for multiple purposes.

If you are using TimeControl as your timesheet selection in conjunction with Microsoft’s Project Server, the TimeControl interface can be presented to users directly inside the Project Web Access view. This ensures a transparent interface without interruption to the end user. TimeControl would be the right timesheet choice when an organization needs timesheet data to be sent to Microsoft Project Server and to Finance at the same time or in an environment where some projects are stored in Project Server and some in Microsoft Project MPP files.

Microsoft Project and Project Server

TimeControl links to both Microsoft Project and Project Server cand supports a mixed environment where multiple versions can be supported simultaneously. TimeControl has had a link to Microsoft Project since 1995.

Deltek’s Open Plan and Cobra

TimeControl got its start in the mid-80s as customized code written for our very first customer who needed to integrate a timeshet with Open Plan. TimeControl is a Deltek ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner and maintains links between TimeControl and both Deltek Open Plan and Cobra.


TimeControl has had a link to Primavera’s scheduling systems since 1997. Indeed, some of our largest deployments of TimeControl have been done in conjunction with Primavera’s products. We maintain links from TimeControl with every Primavera scheduling system version from P3 to the current version 6.