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TimeControl has an unlimited facility for creating reports. Once defined, reports can also be filtered in a virtually unlimited fashion. Here are some samples of reporting in TimeControl. Click on the thumbnail view to see the full report.

TimeControl reporting is highly flexible and powerful. There are several methods of outputting TimeControl’s data.

Main TimeControl Reporting system

First, the main reporting system itself has four categories:

Posted timesheet data

There are numerous pre-defined reports included out of the box to show timesheet data by employee, by week, by projec or by charge. TimeControl also includes a Reporting Wizard which allows any combination of fields from the posted timesheet data and any table data related to it. Reports can be sub-totaled, have page breaks and skip duplicate lines as as you wish. Once created, the reports are only visible to the security user profiles you define. When the report is run, it can be optionally filtered dynamically with values entered in a screen at run time. The resulting report is in a spreadsheet format which can be printed or saved in Excel format.

Timesheet Tables

TimeControl also includes pre-defined reports and a Reporting Wizard to report on data in any of the supporting tables. Just like the posted reports, TimeControl table fields can be selected and filtered along with any related table data.

Missing timesheet report

A special category of report in TimeControl is one of the most popular. The Missing Timesheet report displays a list of timesheets that are either missing, not yet approved or both over a selected time period so that supervisors or administrators can quickly locate those timesheets in order to complete a period. The report contains numerous options and can be distributed to supervisors with the constraint that they can use it only for their own part of the organization.

Timesheet image report

In some cases, it will be required to show a printout of a timesheet looking just as it did when it was entered. The Timesheet Image report does exactly this. A range of employees and timesheet periods are selected and the resulting report appears in our standard spreadsheet format.

Drill-Down Analyzer

TimeControl-Drill-Down-Analyzer-PreviewTimeControl’s Drill-Down Anaylzer is a powerful method of making rapid queries of the TimeControl posted or unposted data. The system presents a preselected list of fields and the ability to add additional fields or additional pre-defined lists. A long optionally filtered list of data is presented in a spreadsheet format. Then, when the user drags any column to the summary bar, the data instantly groups and summarizes by that field. Add a second field and it makes a sub-group. Add a third and there’s an instant third level of summary. It has to be experienced to get the full impact so take a quick look at our Online Video lesson on the feature. Drill-Down Analyzer views can be printed or saved as XML or Excel files for additional use.

Export with XML style sheets

TimeControl’s export functionality is very powerful and when data is exported, one of the options is to store it as XML with an optional XML stylesheet making the data into an instant browser-based report. The stylesheet can be created by TimeControl or you can define your own with whatever formatting, logos and graphics you wish.

3rd party report writers

Finally, TimeControl’s data is an open structure and highly rationalized making it an ideal source for 3rd party report writers. Tables are linked by keys and this makes relting them in a report writer very simple.