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TimeControl Compare

With TimeControl you have an option. You can purchase TimeControl for installation on your premises or you can subscribe to our TimeControlOnline hosted service. The decision to purchase or subscribe must be based on a number of factors.

TimeControlOnline contains the benefits of an on-premises TimeControl without any having to dedicate any of the internal technical resources to installing, maintaining or upgrading it. Here are some key elements of the differences of both systems that may make part of your decision:

Subscribing to TimeControlOnline

No hardware to buy
When you use TimeControlOnline, there is no hardware to buy. You don’t need to make the capital investment of purchasing, provisioning, configuring or maintaining servers.
Available from anywhere
TimeControlOnline is already established as an outward facing website and this makes it available to you and your personnel from anywhere the Internet is available. And, with our new TimeControl Mobile functionality already included, your timesheets can be entered, edited or approved from any smartphone with an Internet connection!
No database server to establish
HMS has already established the TimeControl data on its database server and we will manage the monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and security of that server ongoingly.
No installation
Installation? What installation? Your TimeControlOnline service has already been installed and is just waiting for you to subscribe to it. Once you subscribe to TimeControlOnline, you can get started immediately!
No maintenance
We release TimeControl updates, upgrades and new versions on a regular basis and scheduling the upgrades internally takes effort. With TimeControlOnline, we’ll do the updates for you and it’ll all be done in the background.
Never pay for or manage upgrades again
Support costs, upgrade fees, servicing contracts are all factored into your TimeControlOnline subscription. There’s nothing else to pay unless you’d like to have HMS assist you with training and configuration of the system or in how to link it to other systems internally.
We’re keeping it secure
TimeControlOnline is highly secure and we’re taking care of backing up your data and are ready in the worst case for disaster recovery. Security features include: redundant layers of data protection, encrypted communication to and from the hosted servers, multi-layered malware protection and continuous monitoring.

Implementing TimeControl on premises

TimeControl on premises supports additional authentication methods beyond the TimeControl password system including Active Directory and
Server-to-Server links
When you install TimeControl on your own server you can make a more intimate integration with your server-based project management tools such as
Microsoft Project Server and Oracle-Primavera and you can even schedule links between the systems. Of course if you have Project Server or Oracle
Primavera installed, you probably already have all the infrastructure like servers and databases that TimeControl requires.
Client-side SQL
When installed locally you get direct access to the TimeControl database. It can be installed on SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase or MySQL and you can
install SQL triggers, use 3rd party reporting tools and make direct SQL-level integration with other systems. Of course most clients are happy with the
integration capabilities of TimeControlOnline to transfer data with transaction files but internal access to the database lets you extend the system
even further.
Custom dashboard limitations
You can use that internal database access to make even more colorful customized dashboards and integrate your BI tools and even blend TimeControl
data on the TimeControl dashboard with data from other internal systems.
Stay with this version
Some clients don’t want to upgrade. If you implement TimeControl locally you’ll be able to stay with a particular version of TimeControl for an
extended period of time. In TimeControlOnline, all clients are updated at the same time to the most current version of the product.
Keep it inward facing
When installed locally, you can restrict TimeControl from any access outside of your network.