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TimeControl Mobile

TimeControl Mobile provides timesheet functionality from your TimeControl system right on your smartphone.

TimeControl Mobile brings the power and flexibility of TimeControl right to your smartphone’s screen. Whether you’re using an iPhone, a Blackberry, an Android or a Windows 7 Mobile phone, TimeControl is now available when you are.

The TimeControl Mobile interface is a web application that is specifically designed for mobile devices and is tied right into your existing TimeControl implementation. There’s nothing to install, nothing to configure, just use your smartphone’s browser to go to your regular TimeControl web page and add /mobile to the address.

You’ll see your mobile login right there on your phone! You can log in, add a new timesheet or see one you’ve already started on your PCs web browser and enter any details you need. You can release your timesheet for approval or save it to finish on your PC later.

You can even approve or reject timesheets and TimeControl’s automated validation approval rules apply here just like in the full-sized TimeControl!

There’s no additional cost to using TimeControl Mobile. It comes included with every copy of TimeControl (as of version 6.2).

Sometimes smaller is better. TimeControl mobile gives you access to your TimeControl application no matter where you are.

You can see TimeControl Mobile right now on our webcast and we’ll show you how to enter a timesheet on a Blackberry Bold and an iPhone. Just click the Webcast image to the right or select TimeControl Mobile Webcast to see the system working right now.

TimeControl Mobile on a Blackberry

TimeControl Mobile has been tested on several Blackberry combinations. Your browser can just point to your TimeControl Mobile URL and you should be able to login with your standard credentials.

As a web application there is no special icon for TimeControl Mobile. You can save your link in your browser as a bookmark to be able to get to it quickly and easily. You’ll need to log in with your credentials and you’ll immediately be presented with the TimeControl List

If you are a supervisor, that might include a list of numerous employees. You can sort the list by clicking on the field headers at the top of the list. Clicking once will change the sort for that selection in descending order. Clicking again will reverse the sort. This is a quick way to show the most recent timesheet or the timesheets for particular users.

If you’re not a supervisor, then you’re probably looking at just your own timesheets. From here you can add a new timesheet or select and edit, view or delete an existing timesheet.

TimeControl Mobile on an iPhone, Android or Windows 7 Mobile

TimeControl Mobile has been tested on the iPhone 3, 4 and even the iPod Touch. Your Safari browser can just point to your TimeControl Mobile URL and you should be able to login with your standard credentials. The standard TimeControl login screen will prompt you for your user name and password and, if you’ve been assigned as a delegate for another user, you’ll be given the opportunity to enter the system as yourself or as a delegate just like the full sized web version.

TimeControl Mobile communications are safe and secure

TimeControl Mobile is using the same encrypted communications protocol we use for our regular TimeControl site so your data is completely safe even while sending it from your phone.

Yes, it flips!

With devices such as the iPhone you can flip the system on its side. TimeControl Mobile knows when this happens that it needs to resize the screen and it instantly does so, changing the grid width along with field sizes and other options to take advantage of every pixel.


Even Supervisors can use TimeControl for approvals. The TimeControl List is right there and Supervisors can review, approve or reject a timesheet. If they have the appropriate rights, they can add additional lines to it while the timesheet is in their control. Automated Validation Rules work just like they do in the full-sized web version. If a user tries to release a timesheet that doesn’t follow one of the timesheet business rules defined in TimeControl, then the user is immediately prompted with the error and asked to correct it.

There’s no additional cost. TimeControl is included with every copy of TimeControl

TimeControl Mobile is included with any TimeControl as of version 6.2. Clients with current TimeControl support and maintenance contracts will find TimeControl Mobile included automatically in their upgrades to 6.2. There’s nothing else to buy, nothing else to install and nothing else you need to do other than deciding you want to make TimeControl Mobile available to your users.