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TimeControl Online

TimeControlOnline is a hosted timesheet system, bringing one of the worlds most popular timesheets to the Cloud.

TimeControlOnline allows users to deploy TimeControl in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model rather than having to purchase, install and maintain the system internally.

When you subscribed to TimeControlOnline, you can start concentrating on getting the benefits of your online timesheet immediately and not worry about any technical hurdles. HMS takes care of the system’s architecture, database, security, maintenance, updates and availability leaving you and your organization only having to use and enjoy the benefits of the system. When using TimeControlOnline, the organization pays only for the access it requires and doesn’t need to worry about purchasing server hardware, operating system licenses, databases or even TimeControl licenses and doesn’t have to hire or train technical personnel to do system support, upgrades, maintenance of either TimeControl or any of the components.

All users have to do is start their web browser and log in to your new TimeControlOnline link.
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